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The Real Secrets of Holiday Sparkle

December 24, 2008

The Real Secrets of Holiday Sparkle

December’s parties and family gatherings can make us wish we had a personal stylist—all those close-up conversations and candid photos!  These quick face-fixers can amp up your confidence.

Smooth by gently exfoliating skin’s surface with a soft facial scrub or enzyme masque, ideally the day before your event.  But don’t overdo–once a week is max for mature skin.

Plump and visually smooth skin with natural hyaluronic acid serum, available in natural food stores.  Apply it before moisturizer to tone and tighten—an instant natural lift!

Oxygenate your skin by avoiding heavy, chemical-laden moisture creams and mineral oil, which clog pores.  Substitute jojoba oil that lets skin breathe. Extra dry? Apply jojoba under a light natural moisture lotion.

Hydrate your face in indoor heat with a spritz of rosewater or other botanical hydrosol.   Spray to set your makeup before going out, and fill a purse atomizer for refreshing later.

Reflect light away from imperfections with pure mineral foundation.  Ask an expert for your best match and an application lesson. Lips, too, look smoother, younger with
the reflective shine of lip gloss—keep one at hand.

Focus attention on one area of your face:  With dramatic eyes, do light blush and pale lips; with vivid red lips, do soft subtle eyes, try bronzer instead of blush.

Highlight for festive evenings with sheer mineral shimmer–warm and dark skin tones are flattered by gold or copper, cool and light tones enhanced by pink or rose.

Source: Barbara Carr, Holistic Licensed

1-2-3 Holiday Glow!

October 19, 2007


Family gatherings and holiday parties on your agenda? Here are three ways to create the healthy radiance you want for upcoming special events.

1. Be a Smoothie: Exfoliate
Your face signals when dead cells need to be removed–dry patches appear and fine lines seem accentuated. Regular exfoliation is needed to restore luster and improve the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins and absorb moisture. Young skin (20’s -30’s) needs exfoliating every 2-3 days; mature skin has slower cell turnover, so once-a-week is recommended. Daily exfoliation is too much for any skin since new cells need time to generate.

For delicate or problem skin, enzyme masques containing papaya or pumpkin will exfoliate skin without any scrubbing. For normal skin, exfoliant scrubs work best. Since abrasive particles like apricot seed and aluminum oxide can scrape and inflame the skin, use exfoliants with soft grains like grapeseed, jojoba or bamboo. Or make your own scrub from a tablespoon of fine cornmeal moistened with warm water. With ultra-light pressure, move your fingers in small upward circles, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well and follow with a treatment masque if needed. Moisturize with jojoba oil. Nix moisturizers with high glycerin content; glycerin pulls moisture from the skin when humidity is low.

2. Eat Away The Wrinkles.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of The Wrinkle Cure and other ground-breaking skin care books, says: “Perhaps the quickest way to accelerate theaging process is to eat foods or drink beverages that convert rapidly to sugar upon ingestion.” It’s easy to turn down holiday cookies and candies when you imagine a new wrinkle forming with every bite! Substitute raw unsalted nuts, cheese, fresh fruit, raw veggies, plain yogurt, and drink plenty of pure water. One brand of bottled water that’s skin-friendly is Fiji, containing natural silica which also strengthens bones, hair and nails.

Before a big event, follow Dr. Perricone’s 48-hour “face fix” diet. Eat high anti-oxidant foods, especially cantaloupe, blueberries, broccoli, peppers, plus salmon for it’s rich EFA content. It works! And the bonus is that skin-nourishing foods are non-fattening.

3. Create instant ‘candlelight’

Titanium dioxide, a primary ingredient in mineral makeup, is second to diamonds in light reflection, creating soft line-diffusion. When the perfectly-matched shade of mineral foundation is applied, a remarkable lifting effect is visible. Higher quality makeups that contain no carnauba wax, dimethicone, talc or parabens will give you maximum skin benefits.

Though you may be tempted to match your lipstick or eyeshadow to that beautiful holiday sweater or dress, make sure your cosmetics are really your best colors or you will detract from your best features. A professional secret is matching your natural lip color with a slightly darker lipstick. Eyelid color can be harmonized with a powdered shimmer shadow—it’s right when your eyes look brighter.

The final touch? Set your mineral makeup and refresh it for evening with a spritz of fragrant edible rosewater—for extra dew-kissed glow!

 Barbara Carr is a Licensed Esthetician and Mineral Makeup Artist enthusiastically devoted to holistic skin care. Her website is

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