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Nature’s Face Adds Revolutionary Skin Care & Ultra-Pure Makeup

January 18, 2009

Authentically natural with visible results is the philosophy for products and services at Nature’s Face, Barbara Carr’s holistic skin care studio in North Raleigh. Following that philosophy, she has now integrated Osmosis Pür Medical Skin Care into her customized spa facials. The Osmosis line developed by Ben Johnson, MD, has no artificial colors, preservatives or fragrances and contains the most clinically proven ingredients available. Products have a neutral pH to minimize over-exfoliation and calm the skin while repairing and remodeling damaged areas.

“I have specific protocols for photodamage, aging, rosacea, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation and acne-prone skin, “ says Carr, who also offers the moderately-priced products for sale. “Osmosis serums feature a natural liposome delivery system for a ten-fold increase in penetration, keeping the skin soft and the protective lipid barrier intact. The nutritional ingredients are purified through chiral correction. High levels of antioxidants, including a safe, natural form of vitamin A, provide sun protection and a healthy glow. Best of all, these serums gently stimulate collagen and elastin–unlike abrasive methods traumatic to the skin—to restore a toned and youthful look.”

And for natural makeup fans, some innovative mineral cosmetics are now in stock at Nature’s Face, including pure vegan lipsticks, all-natural cream concealers with coverage for all skin tones, and minimal-ingredient mineral foundation for sensitive skin.

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